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You can spend hours researching, emailing and calling up companies – only to find yourself leaving messages and your personal details to unknown companies. Don’t spend your time being bogged down with filling forms and your ear glued to the phone. Your time and effort is more precious than to be dealing with cowboys in the moving industry. With QuoteOn, you only have to fill out one form to reach multiple reliable moving companies. It only takes a few minutes and it’s completely free! 

  1. Start with where you are moving to and the details of your move. We make it super easy with the drop down menu so you can give the most accurate description of your house and moving details.
  2. Your details will be sent to reliable moving companies on the QuoteOn network. The companies will use the information to give you an accurate quote for your move.
  3. You will be contacted with the quotes for your move.
  4. The choice is now yours. You have the freedom to choose the moving company you want to use. You can contact the companies for more information on the move or find out more about the company.
  5. Your moving process can then start!

Rest assured that the QuoteOn service is FREE and we will not collect or pass on your personal details to any other moving company outside of the QuoteOn network. We make it our priority to give you the best quality service and value for money, so choosing the best moving company based on your needs is important to us.

Whether you are moving parts of your house, entire house contents or relocating offices – use the QuoteOn form to find the moving company that fits your needs. You’ll be surprised at how much time and distress it’ll save you!